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Thread: Engaging Ne

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    Quote Originally Posted by Adasta View Post
    I actually do this and find it worthwhile in the short-term. However, it doesn't solve anything in the long-term; it just takes me mind off of things for a bit.
    It's a starting point. Me, as a Ne dom, I find Ne works in tandem with my attention. I often find myself getting all these ideas about whatever topic when I'm distracteddoing something else, often driving for example. There's some balance in having to mind specific tasks that require a degree of attention, effectively rescuing from falling into a mental bottomless pit. Then, the remaining mental energy can be salvaged and directed to another topic, which usually happens (for me) as an unconscious process.

    A different example is when listening to (and engaging in -- just being present and not minding what's being said nullifies the purpose) some lecture, Ne will branch out connecting dots and applying context-related POV to other contexts --basically doing it's thing- the key point here is, taking directive action at the purpose, in this case being going to the lecture and being exposed. Kind of applying a little Te to kick-start things.
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    Quote Originally Posted by OrangeAppled View Post
    I also agree with @animenagai that you're probably limiting yourself. For INFPs, I see this as creating imaginary obstacles, because you've self-imposed some Fi standard on yourself that is not really as necessary as you're making it to be. Ne tends to work well with innovating itself out of boxes & obstacles, but that's only if Fi ideals allow it to move freely. Try & broaden your idea of what is necessary for you to be happy or to move forward, even what "moving forward" means.
    This is astute.

    But how does one move away from this? My main problem is that I may consider a certain scenario (Ne) and yet, somehow, feel like the very imagining of this scenario may be disingenuous to another person / may make me seem "amoral" / may appear selfish to me.

    I suppose this all boils down to "being easier" on myself; but how is that possible?
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