I have a monthly schedule where once every month, I will scrub the place top to bottom so that it's spotless and completely picked up. But throughout the week, I make a point where on Saturdays, I try to pick up a little. (Like today, I need to pick up the living room and clean the floors.)

The kitchen is the hardest to keep clean for me, because I do a lot of cooking. Usually, after I've eaten, I don't give a crap about cleaning up anything and want to move on to something non-food related. So, what I do is clean up WHILE I'm cooking. For example, I have some vegetables sauteing in a pan and there's nothing to do but turn them every once in a while. Well, while they're cooking, I'll clean the cutting board, wipe down the counters, rinse out the sink. That way, by the time my food is done, all I have to clean is the pan and the plate.