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    I agree. I see a person, my intuition doesn't like him/her, then I talk to him/her and I think "I was wrong: he/she's a good person!" but after some time, I find out my intuition was right. It ALWAYS happens, so now I'm trying to trust my intuition more. When I let my intuition work freely everything goes better, I don't know why.

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    Not the biggest fan of gut feelings as i'm a fan of the actual facts combined with the fact I've had alot of people who have ran their mouth in my direction after having planned this big combustion of gut feelings and then laughing in their faces for having no actual facts. Gut feelings make you look incredibly silly if you try and announce them out loud especially if you're wrong. Facts, facts, facts, truth, truth, truth. Dig deep, dig REALLY deep then dig a little more. I'm not in support of basing your life on assumptions but some people need to assume things in their own little world for closure they've not received via fact finding. No-one is right 100% of the time. Trusting yourself and your gut-feelings is a-okay but if you want to feel real smug get some proof behind those convictions unless you're just jerking off your own egotistical arrogance which I'm afraid to say I've seen quite a few NFs do. You run the risk of dismissing the most beautiful people and things in your entire life if you happen to judge quickly & incorrectly.
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    I usually trust my intuition about things, but I'm very careful about holding that assumption in check until I have more information. For example, as soon as I met one of my co-workers, I had an immediate impression of the entirety of her personality, but I had to work very hard to not allow that impression to have any weight (meaning, I can't attach any positive or negative value to it). As I've gotten to know her, I've found my impression is a rather close sketch of her person, though I was quite wrong about a few other things.

    But I doubt my intuition all the time, too. I never blindly follow my guts. I always cross check it with other information/data/other people's thoughts before I act on it. And when making a difficult decision where I cannot decide completely logically, I will go with what feels right. Usually, that nets good results, because by that point I'm fully aware of the pros and cons of either decision but feel comfortable with the path I chose.
    "I took the one less traveled by,
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