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    I moved 20 times in ten years when I was an undergraduate and graduate student. I co-oped at a company halfway across the country, though, so that accounted for many of the moves because I alternated semesters between school and work. I've lived in the same house now since 1997. I prefer to find a place I like and stick with it.

    I've never gotten a ticket but have been in a number of accidents starting with a Driver's Ed car that ran a stop sign and rammed my mother's car when I was 5. Back in those days there weren't seatbelts in the back seat and I flew over the seat into the windshield. I've been rear-ended on three occasions (I was fully stopped every time!) which resulted in nasty whiplash the second time. I did hit a car once when I pulled through a stopped lane of traffic and didn't have a good enough view of the other lane. It was minor, though.

    My credit rating is squeaky clean. I love auto-paying bills!

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    I know alot of INFPs who are quite cautious about money and don't seek alot of change in their lives. Maybe its the tertiary Si. It seems like the ENFPs I know are far more restless in regards to wanting to move and more likely to have a problem with spending beyond their means.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Huxley3112 View Post
    Okay.. some personal and not so personal questions. I'm bored and curious and ya, whatever.. I just wanted to see if there is any pattern in this.

    NFP's.. have you had the desire to move alot? Have you followed through with it? If you do have this desire.. why do you think this is the case?

    How about driving record. Any NFP's with perfect driving records? Good? Bad? Ugly?

    Any NFP's notice themselves having "credit problems" from time to time? (This is rather personal I know).. but I find it funny that myself, and the two other ENFP's I am friends with all went through a rather rough patch in our early twenties where we just kinda went credit crazy.. and didn't do that hot of a job at paying ontime. All of us our older now and finally getting over the days of debt issues.. and I realize that this might not be type related at all, but I will be honest when I say that my ISTJ/ESFJ and even ENFJ buddies have always viewed their credit as the utmost important thing.

    (All NF's welcome to join in)..

    Oh OH-- almost forgot, one other little random question.. any ENFP's ever notice a patience issue that results in a one handed paint job with nails? lol

    I have a perfect driving record. I've been pulled over like 20 times in a couple of years, but it's because i've been in strange places late at night etc.
    Move a lot... Well no. But I had a LOT of different jobs there for a while. Been at the same company for over two years now, though.
    No credit problems at all. I have a student loan which I am paying off, but it isn't much. "Only" about 9 000$ left now.
    Can't say I paint my nails, though. I'm NFP 8w9 Sx/Sp/So, not sure on the I/E because that comes and goes. I'm "in my own head" *a lot*, and I do a lot of typical INFP things even if I am much like an ENFP among people, somehow.

    Mightier than the tread of marching armies is the power of an idea whose time has come

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