Inception? No.

There has actually been a few reoccurring dreams that has happened since I was just a kid. Some of them started reoccurring when I was a teenager. However, rarely do my dreams ever continue past the point of when they first occurred. Pretty much all of my dreams were muted - it had no sound.

Of all my reoccurring dreams. There has only been one, thus far, that has ever continued and broke the record....

I was looking around an opened-aired mall with a group of people. The mall itself wasn't fascinating, except for the fact that the mall had a fantasy look to it (like coming from a game.) Lots of places to shop, lighting was as dark or light as a sunny afternoon with the blinds closed.

As I head out, I saw a pile of snow in front of me (the dream usually ends around here.) Most of the blank-white snow has melted. From here, I yelled, "Ahhhhh! Sapporo!" Little did I know, a person in my group stood to correct me and told me it was a different place, not Sapporo[I forgot what city he said it was while I was jotting the dream down.] I gave a huge sigh saying, "Fine!, Whatever! Hokkaido than!"

As I continued, I began seeing a vast sea ahead of me. Armed with a map, where the images showed up as a hologram, I began wondering where are the roads that are shown on this map...?

Alas, I found that all of the roads were hidden. It was really strange to trust something that cannot be seen, but once I began taking a road... seeing the sea right beneath me was a sight to behold indeed. The road beneath me was transparent. It was like walking on water since that was really all I saw. be continued... when the dream decides to continue.

All in all, I usually don't think too much about dreams. But generally speaking, reoccurring dreams are different. Since they are, in fact, reoccurring, I tend to think that they have more to say than meets the eye over a typical dream (which I don't think much about.) Of all else, my reoccurring dreams have all been mysterious.

Walking on water: Doing the impossible.
Hidden/transparent roads that only I can see through the holographic map that I can look at: What only I can see.
Vast Sea: Something big.
Snow melting: A Dissolving barricade?

But anyhow, Sapporo city and Hokkaido prefecture.... What gives?