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    Default Conflicted ENFJ; What's new?

    I have been so mentally conflicted. I recently befriended another ENFJ that I've subsequently fallen for. But I'm not sure if this is because we have the 'mindmeld' as my friend calls it. Where we just make each other super happy only because we get each other. Aside from finding him attractive of course.

    Last night he told me after I harped about my INTP not giving me the attention I needed, that he would LOVE to meet a girl like me. His face was kind of solemn. And I obviously blushed because I was SUPER flattered. He asked what I planned on doing and I told him that the INTP was still a good person and that I still loved him and I'd at least like to pay him back for all he's done for me before I split. This has been a long time comping. The INTP and I have not been at good odds since MONTHS before this ENFJ and I met.

    I know the ENFJ is looking - and I'm scared he'll pass me by because I'm unavailable at this moment and I'm pretty sure he won't 'wait around' for me...although I've been known to 'wait around' for people if I know it's going downhill. Anyway, I'm super conflicted. Any NFs have any input?

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    If your relationship with the INTP is over, it's better just to cut him out of your life now. Sure, you want to repay him, but really if you have no future together, any "fake" time you spend together is just cruel. I can't imagine finding out that my SO was planning on leaving me for months, but just sticking around and pretending.

    Then you will be free to see where this other relationship may lead.

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