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    I would just like to add that some people here have expressed concerns that the INFJs are somehow trying to make them "fit into society" by coaxing them be untrue to themselves. I personally express very critical, radical, rebellious views publicly in my art and am an individualist. How the NiFe is expressed for example in group activities, is INFJ may spot someone who is shy having good ideas that they keep to themselves for the fear of one thing or another. Now they may encourage in subtle ways for them to come out of their shell and contribute, maybe suggest them to a new position in the team where their talents can be more easily noticed, or just voicing "so and so... oh she had a good idea. Do you have any more perhaps"
    It's not to encourage people to pretend to be who they are not or to manipulate them into doing something for your own's about uncovering potential and talent and that is already there. To enable the distinct individual personality to most authentically manifest and doing so become productive in their own unique special way. To harness everyone's individual potential to the fullest. Then mediate between all these individuals so that they can best work together and produce something wonderful, and your role because of your individual special talent as INFJ is to recognize, encourage, mediate and enable. And our motives are lofty like for "To become a society of diverse and unique individuals working together to make our world beautiful"...Hell..."world peace". And We are just that "naive" and "naff" and "fake". Sorry.

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    Is this an example of using Ti + Fe?

    Towards the end of an unpaid apprenticeship, my supervisor asked me if I'd consider volunteering and helping out there in the future.
    I didn't really have any desire to, but didn't want to outright accept or refuse. So I carefully answered, "Yes, I'd consider it" ('consider' being the key word) and left it at that. In that way, I was being technically honest as well as trying to be...nice.
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