I'm applying to med. school this summer, and I definitely share the restless pursuit of all things new and spiffy. As a fellow ENFP, here's what I've concluded about being a physician: I need constant growth to feel like I'm not wasting my time. I also need to bring something unique to the craft. As a physician, there's always room for improvement (hence the "practice"), always new research to analyze and incorporate into your care. At the same time, the extreme sensitivity to other people's moods, etc. puts you at a distinct advantage when it comes to understanding what's wrong with a patient. The intuition is another major advantage when it comes to diagnoses. Thus, we can further develop our thinking function while optimizing the use of our natural strengths (intuition and feeling).

In addition to being good for medicine, medicine is good for the ENFP. The med. school and residency years offer us mental and physical focus during such a restless phase in our lives.

Conclusion: Your adviser is retarded, and you have the potential to be a phenomenal physician.