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Thread: Hey INFP's,

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    ESTJ mum: it's my opposite, but we're close. She cares a lot about me and she worries too much. If I'm 10 minutes late, she thinks I'm dead/dying. She losts all her T when she thinks about me. She's a good mum but we're different. She's organized and I'm messy, she wants to plan and I want to talk about my ideas&feelings, she's outgoing and extrovert and I'm introverted and reserved. We argue and I try to avoid conflict but it's impossible. So I just lock in my room until she calms down. The biggest problem is about communication: she stresses me with her plans and projects and I stress her with all my paranoies. At least we have the same opinions of other people, so she usually likes people I go out with.

    ISTP dad: Messy, tries to be authoritary but the real boss is my mum, loves sports and motorbikes and videogames, works hard, we argue a lot for stupid things. E.G. he wants me to hug him but I don't. I don't know why but I don't like spending time with him. He makes me nervous. He's not bad but... we're not so great together.

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    There seems to be some kind of clueless blindness going on with my folks in terms of I yam an alien from outer space, they are also aliens from outer space but from different galaxies. But seriously...I am an alien from outer space and they are aliens form outer space from different galaxies. I call this the Calvin and Hobbs effect.


    Yeppers. While growing up, things seemed odd. Hah as a grown up things seem more odd.

    Luckily even though my mother is INFP and I am an INFP there is absolutely well okay, I probably get along with her the most. But no, she is from an aquatic galaxy that isn't into swimming go figure.

    And what can I say about my father...Rhino, yep he is from the the Rhino planet.

    Like this.

    Angry, angry, angry with a wait did I say angry INTJ with ego problems and bipolar tendencies...not pretty. Although of late this has eerily changed, yes parallel universes are equilibrating themselves to my unique energy signature and I am no longer in the line of fire, platoon style, with those sonic bursts of combustible temper tantrums of his that become lodged in le energy body like shrapnel from a dirty bomb. Thank flying sound proof walls!

    Yes I don't know how but I manage. I manage that I do.

    I feel like I was adopted to be quite frank. Even though there is a resemblance to them in body. In spirit, heart and mind we couldn't be further apart if we tried.

    Its like a no closeness zone allowed. I feel like I have leprosy around my mother when it comes to any affection, come to think of it my father too. But heh they could really be my jailors and I a dangerous alien with mental powers they were assigned to hold in captivity while on earth duty.

    Lets not get started on my brother. Fortunately its only my parents...I have stories and very few of them inspiring.

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