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    Quote Originally Posted by AngelLight2012 View Post
    When I can understand this much (even despite my age and inexperience with relationships as a young adult), how can you not understand what that woman must have gone through with her bf's family?
    Must have? Fail #1. I don't believe her.

    So you have this experience and can relate, yet I don't..and you ask how I can't understand...Fail #2.

    I'm sorry you got wicked family relationships. We're all good on my end.

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    I find that my intuition does its best work when I am more connected to the world. I need to fill my mind first with concrete objects, facts, data, ideas, and the intuition works to fill in the gaps and show me the right direction to go in. If I leave my intuition to run wild, which seems to happen when I am stressed and withdrawn from the world, it starts to take on a life of its own, and the images and ideas it throws at me tend to be tragically blown out of proportion and somewhat morbid, albeit very real. Fortunately I am learning more and more to catch myself and keep myself out of this trap, but it's not always easy and feels unnatural most of the time.

    I have an unhealthy INFP friend who is extremely paranoid. She recently failed to graduate from a Masters program because according to her all the faculty at the university were in this huge conspiracy to fail her. She was reading all kinds of stuff between the lines and it didn't help that English was her second language. I went through her e-mail exchanges with her professors and counsellors which were all very normal, and asked a relative who is also a professor for a second opinion on her paper. The answer I got was that her paper wasn't sufficient to pass, and she needed a lot of help from her professors if she was going to graduate.

    I don't know many INFPs but the ones I do know seem to have a harder time then the rest in taking a step back and looking at themselves critically. In extreme cases like that of my friend, intuition is really causing them to sabotage their career..
    ...the more general, less defined, hence the more modest and truthful, views of life.

    - Carl Jung

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    Quote Originally Posted by unityemissions View Post
    I'm sorry you got wicked family relationships. We're all good on my end.
    That's all right - I'm happy for you.

    As for those family members who have hurt our mom over many years... well, while I can never forgive them, somehow I feel a little sorry for them as well. Maybe they just don't have enough love in their hearts to realize what they've been doing for so long.

    But anyway, I respect your opinions despite not agreeing with them.
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    I get called insane when it's 'right too fast' lol, by non Ne-ers normally. Those who have some intuition but mostly sensing are the ones most of the time (e.g, Si aux with child Ne going woahhhhh)
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