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    Question ENFP, ISFJ, and disillusionment...

    Hey, I was wondering...

    ENFPs (or anyone else), do you experience that after being with people, even people you adore, that after awhile you feel absolutely, totally, utterly, and irrevocably SICK of them?

    The only types I NEVER experience this feeling with are xNxx and ISTJ so far... but I notice that it seems to occur particularly quickly with ISFJs, and unlike with other types, I never seem to get over it.

    I always assumed that the disillusionment I felt was due to typical NF over-identification and resulting disappointment, oversensitivity, and my Ne assuming I know everything about a person after a period of time. And so I fought against these things. But even without these factors, I can't get over it. Please don't mention these things alone. Believe me, I know, I tried, I've failed.

    And it's always with ISFJs.

    Do any of you experience this frequent and persistent disillusionment (not sure this is the right way to express this. I just get fed up and sick of a person. I feel so guilty but I can't help it.) and is it with a particular type? Is this just me? Everyone else seems to love ISFJs...
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    No I love ISFJs, usually, but of course not always. There's a bunch of them, and some of them are asswipes or simply have totally different interests and lifestyle like any number of individuals.

    I tend to feel disillusioned more often with T types. I was actually telling someone this last night, it's like I build T types up in my head to be this or that, and they disappoint me.

    Most of the people who really "get me" are actually Fs, not necessarily Ns.

    I think we all have different preferences for what ticks our box.

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