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    Default How can I tell if I'm and INFP or ISFP?

    I posted a thread in the whats my type section and a couple of people told me that i seem to be Fi dominant. One person suggested ISFP and another suggested INFP. I have read a lot about the cognitive functions, but I still can't tell whether I'm using Se+Ni or Ne+Si. So what can I do to tell the difference?

    thanks for reading this.

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    Well, as an INFP myself... I know the biggest difference is how you interact with other people. I usually use my Ne function for 70% of my interactions with others.

    Ne is pretty bouncy, random ideas, all over the place, wanting to talk about abstract ideas, wanting to go way out into outer space on things, etc.

    The couple ISFPs I have known have seemed far sweeter than me and a bit quieter.

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