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    For the thousanth time: "You are too sensitive."
    "I never know if you're around or what you are doing, you're so quiet."
    "Don't sneak up on me!"
    "You are so calm."
    "You are too complex. I can't keep up with you."
    I've never had anyone stop their live story, but sometimes I've had other people asking how I got those people to talk. I didn't, I just listened since they wanted to talk.

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    "You have an old soul"

    "Absent-minded professor"

    "You play your roles really well" (this is what a friend of mine said as she got to know me better and we got closer; she admitted you would never guess the kind of person I am by just seeing me somewhere around people. I dislike roles and any sorts of unauthencity, but I do choose those I "share myself" with with a lot of care. I set aside my inner reserveness as I'm interested in people; I may not be the loudest person, unless around very shy people, but I'm not passive either. in an any given group; I do state my opinions, even engage a lot to the conversation, but am very observing. The more people, the quieter I get, cause there's just so many people's "essence", presence and personalities and group dynamic's many dimensions to be observed.)

    "Ever since you were a baby you just seemed to see through people's emotional states". I don't know what my mum meant by this, she said it was very hard to fool me (when I asked what kind of a child I was).

    I find the trust thing funny here - I've heard that "I just trust you" so many times. I don't feel like I'm "doing" anything - I always feel that I'm not doing enough, helping out or giving them what they need. But for some reason people just tend to open up to me, which is great, cause I like listening to people and guard their well-being (I usually don't show the depth of my concern), but the truth is I "feel" their pain and it causes me a lot of discomfort and I'd probably be ready to do just about anything for them. The idea of "protecting" my close ones seems about right. So even I don't feel like I'm giving them any specific "reason" to trust me to open up, I do feel good about knowing I know they've come to the "right" person, as I know my morals, values and ethics make me a trusted confidant for them.

    I also can't accept compliments. Not that I dislike it; I appreciate it a lot in the quietness of my soul, but I know deep down I can do better. Nothing's never good enough; there's ALWAYS something you can improve and develop at.

    I also get my "weird" moments, when I just completely let loose and spontaneously have fun in what ever way seems most intriguing. I might get extremely wild, laughing uncontrollably to something completely random, so if you caught me up from those situations, you could think of me as a nutcase . (Which also, seems about right )

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