Oh more people have commented on this thread that I long forgot about. Yay!

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I basically get dominant Fi, with waves of Ne and Te. Fi is first stop for understanding ourselves, the other two help to project that onto bigger things. When INFP talks about the external world, I still get that 'darkness within' they see inside themselves.
Indeed it seems like all I ever use is but Fi with a slight mix of Te and Ne for good measure (although that of course makes me split on the NFP divide).

Anyway, good job! You've captured many sentiments that i can relate to. There are some that I would disagree with you on though, but you're probably just more hardcore than I am ^^.
Thank you

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I haven't read all of your posts yet, but it's very interesting! and it makes me happy when people think about these things because I think everyone should and not enough people actually do.

Have you ever taken philosophy classes? Meta-ethics, Kant vs Hume etc. it sounds like you would love it, although Kant is ten kinds of difficult to read.
I have taken a few philosophy courses, and I have also done some studying on the great philosophers (although I should get around to doing more studing ). I've tried reading Kant before . . . I'll get around to finish reading his books eventually.

You sound like a deontologist which is how I lean. Although only at its most basic level of "do unto others", some people get nit-picky with the details of willing or not willing harm, just taking it too literally. But utilitarianism should be used as a back-up plan, or for less serious moral dilemmas like laughing at someone's occasional suffering
I really sound like a deontologist? Strange, I always considered myself more of a virtue ethicist (somwhat anyway), but anyway Thanks However I should mention that I am an ethical particularist (metaphyically speaking I'm actually an ethical anti-realist whom takes an emotivist aspect to ethics), which I suppose could be by categorical imperative in a certain sense, but otherwise I'm usually willing to sometimes let ends justify certain means, depending on certain circumstances anyway.