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    Quote Originally Posted by Saturned View Post
    I am neither.
    I'm not all that decisive when it comes to intellectual choices. I question and/or see different sides, and can't make up my mind where I stand on some things. Sometimes I may act like it, but something might get brought up that gives me a lot of food for thought, and I'll be thinking about it for days (or longer).

    When it comes to mundane/day-to-day decisiveness, I procrastinate a lot, but I try not to do it if a choice affects others. That ends up motivating me. I might snap at others if they're inconsiderate too. I get pissed off at stoners especially when they act like this. lol. Like if it's a friends roommate who owes rent, I might step in myself and tell them to get off their ass. If I owe someone something myself, I'm restless and uncomfortable and do what I can to pay it off.

    Maybe the above goes beyond the issue of "decisive vs indecisive", and is just about right or wrong.

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    Yeah, I like the give and take of ideas on intellectual kinds of stuff.

    On personal things I am more decisive actually. It's a simple "is this me? or not?" Boom.

    But it took a LONG time to get there.

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