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    Self-Kindness: 4.40
    Self-Judgment: 2.00
    Common Humanity: 5.00
    Isolation: 1.75
    Mindfulness: 5.00
    Over-Identification: 3.00
    Overall score: 4.27

    Pretty good me thinks!

    I absolutely get putting your problems into perspective. I like drawing parallels between stresses in various sports I do to stresses that happen when dealing with myself or other people and I realize fear and emotions are the result of external stimuli. To change a feeling I try to change my environment. It's the same rational as changing your diet or sleep habits if you are finding your self constantly fatigued.

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    Self-Kindness: 2.60
    Self-Judgment: 3.00
    Common Humanity: 2.50
    Isolation: 3.00
    Mindfulness: 3.00
    Over-Identification: 3.00
    Overall Score: 2.85

    How are so many people scoring so highly on both over-identification and isolation?

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