Personally, I live by the mantra: 'know thy enemy'.

I'm arachnophobic, but as a child I could be found a meter away in the garden from countless spiders observing them. Throwing little flowers into their webs and watching them remove it. Studying them in books (without pics preferably!).

My point is, I study feelings in the same way. Where it's fun to explore happiness, bliss and all those good feelings, it's doubly fascinating to unmask and understand jealousy, murderous rage and doing something that you *know* is downright evil. It's the breaking of taboos, the gathering of information, the demystifying of that temptation, the satisfying of your curiosity and the disarming of your own damned fear. It's recognizing the nuts and bolts that it uses to enslave you and entrance you, in order to disarm it if need be. It's going to that edge of that cliff and peering into the the abyss just because you can, because it then no longer holds power over you. And just to have experienced it

The intricate detail of mixed emotions it provokes, the identifying of the triggers, the greyscale adjustment from pure black to medium greys (realizing it isn't all it's cracked up to be and not nearly as dangerous as people label it, for instance), the exploring it and putting it on the map to face it with knowledge and without fear if it ever does show up in your life, and even incorporate those parts that were mislabeled as evil and can benefit you greatly in your life if handled with care.