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    Default Function confusion

    Well, I made a post in the video challenge thread in the lounge.

    Some have said right off the bat that I'm ISTP based on the videos, which makes me feel, well, depressed, not that I'm not already depressive.

    But I had re-identified myself as NF not too long back, and I was feeling good about it. However, "N" has never been in question with me, though I have to use "S" in my job and while driving, etc.


    Further, I've been having a debate on an INTP forum. A dude there says that only true "genetic" Fi types exprience Fi, and that if you're INTP, you experience Ti Fe, but NEVER "true" Fi. Likewise an INFP would experience Fi Te, but NEVER "true" Ti.


    These two debates have created a great deal of turmoil, where I feel like withdrawing from forums and perhaps life itself, or at least becoming a hermit. But meanwhile, I've not given up the fight, and writing like this is how I wage war. I discuss like I'm doing right now.

    I guess, I'm inviting help, not just for me personally in regard to the NF issue, but in general. It seems many of the questions are subjective, so how do they know? Also, I tested so close to the center originally that it seems I could sway based on whether I chose compassionate heart or impersonal mind in a specific case.

    Thus, if it seems to be the case, then how can one tell between Fe and Fi? How can one determine between Ti and Te? If you are NF, do you believe you experience Ti? Don't people experience all the functions? Can you (or I) be NF or NT for one day? Also I believe I'm doing lots of experiments right now, like visiting my childhood memories armed with my current mystical powers. Isn't this NF within the context of Si? What is THAT?

    Secretly, I want validation. But failing this, I want help.

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    1. you know yourself better than anyone else. how you present yourself depends on a load of things besides cognitive preferences. trust yourself. if you figure out later that you really think you're ISTP, then that'll be great. otherwise, you've lived with your mind for every moment of every year of your life. this person has seen you IRL once, and not even interacted with you. i think you have a leg up

    A dude there says that only true "genetic" Fi types exprience Fi, and that if you're INTP, you experience Ti Fe, but NEVER "true" Fi. Likewise an INFP would experience Fi Te, but NEVER "true" Ti.
    yeah, i've heard this before. i disagree with it. what proof does the other person have, anyway? essentially if you are using a subjective, self-oriented, values-oriented point of view, you are using Fi. it's not like there are perfect boundary lines between functions. they're made up divisions. not that an INTP probably uses Fi all that often, but i definitely believe that we can "slip" into using our other function pairs via combinations. for instance, if i'm using Ne/Si+Fi/Te, i can sometimes "slip" into Ne/Si and Fe/Ti. it's a different feeling than Fi. it's a new understanding of reasoning. and it brings Ti along with it, too. i don't know how you would know it in other people, but i think you can tell when it happens in yourself. it's like suddenly looking at the world flipped on its head.

    the MBTI is about preferences, after all, not being locked in to one pattern of being.

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    I don't normally pay much attention to the video thread, but after seeing your OP I checked out your video. I've had a couple male INFP friends in the past and I know that we male INFPs can appear a few different ways. Anyway, in your video I was getting some pretty strong indicators of INFP, and also separately some indicators of Ne and Fi. I'll type up a post for the video thread pointing out where in the videos I was spotting those things.

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