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    Quote Originally Posted by Lyedecker View Post
    sounds like the way I click with my ENFP sister. I think it's why we got along so well (most of the time) growing up.

    the functions are the same, only flipped a little, so it makes sense the two could be so easily confused.
    You guys are lucky to have each other as siblings! My sisters are ISFJ and ISTJ, and they just connect better with each other in a lot of ways.
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    One uses abstract connections found in the environment to fuel their individual feeling values. The other uses their individual feeling values to make judgements about their external abstract connections.

    One's archilles heal is the inability to consciously access impersonal shared logic effectively. The other's is the inability to reflect upon stored concrete information to use as grounding points effectively.

    One has a more balanced, but less refined, range of judgement. The other has a more balanced, but less refined, range of perception.

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    ENFPs have phases in their youth where they act really dumb and loud, INFPs stay more or less in wallflower mode until sometime in their 20s.

    Young ENFPs can be introverted, but they usually oscillate between crazy and hermitic, while young INFPs are usually consistent in non-intimate social situations.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OrangeAppled View Post
    Contrary to what people might assume based on function order, with ENFPs being N-dom and INFPs being F-dom, ENFPs are more people-oriented because their Fi is in support of an extroverted function, Ne, which is concerned with the external world, exploring it & its connections & creating new ones. However, an INFP's Ne is in service of Fi, meaning its focus is to find/invent external concepts/connections which help give form to feelings outside of the self, to form concepts on "the human condition" as opposed to simply knowing themselves. So INFPs are more idea/concept-oriented, which makes sense, being that we are introverts who are energized by our own thoughts far more than interaction.
    this is gold. other people should be reading this. this is a major difference that i notice between myself and my INFP girlfriend.

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