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    Yeah I do. I grew up in Hong Kong and am now in New Zealand. I didn't notice the culturally specific things in HK while I was a child, but after having moved to NZ and going back to HK, there are definitely things that you notice. It's an extremely capitalist place for starters, but that has a bigger effect on people than you think. First of all, people are really focused on their academics and income; that shouldn't be a surprise. I've seen little kids saying that they get depressed when they score 90% on a test, and even the jocks there go to private maths tutors after soccer practice. What people don't realise is that this super-capitalist then creates a shallow, commodity based mentality. All you need to do is hop on a bus to be judged. They'll be talking about what clothes you wear, how much you swear, how weird you are... it's fucking rediculous. All of this is covered with a veil of confucianism, so it's not like they'll say it to your face. You can still tell though as long as you notice these things. I feel like the people in HK are brainwashed, but not by their government or whatever. They are brainwashed by their own culture and though they're not against people stepping out of their own comfort zones, they can't apply it themselves. I feel like people in HK are only focused on 2 things - money (jobs, the market, making sure your kids do well in school so they can get a good job later in life etc.) and romantic relationships (I think getting married in HK is also a sign of success). When I'm in HK, I turn into an ENTP cynic. You want last 2 minutes there if you let these things get to you, so I just laugh at the cultural differences. I also get more stressed out about my own appearance, so I seem to do all my shopping there :P.

    I see differences within NZ as well. I live in a small university town atm called Palmerston North. Palmy is very open, people aren't afraid to tell you what they think either way lol. This makes me want to be very open too, which isn't exactly a challenge for me considering that I'm an ENFP 4w3. When i go to the bigger cities in NZ, I keep my openness but I realise that people don't open up to you immediately. It's not that they're rude necessarily (well not in Wellington at least, then can be in Auckland) they just don't connect with you right away. Maybe I should turn they crazy dial down a little bit when I'm in a bigger town.
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    I currently live near a park, and the atmosphere feels alive with the sound of kookaburras in the morning.

    However, the house I live in feels too small for the five of us [mum, dad, brother, sister and me].
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    I live in a rather conservative suburban area of Pennsylvania. I don't really like it.

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