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    Quote Originally Posted by cascadeco View Post
    Well, there is something like that, and yes, it most definitely IS possible. I too did something similar - at the end of 2008 quit my job, moved to CO in April of 2009 without knowing where I was going to live and without having a job, and then went from there. I did it because I was to a point where I realized that where I had been and what I had been doing was really not at all what I had any interest in doing/living in the longterm.

    But, for me it was logistically quite feasible, as I had the income saved to be able to do something like that, and also did not have familial obligations or a significant other. I really didn't have any strings tying me in that place, so for me it was just a mental thing - taking that risk and plunging into the unknown.

    I think in the long run for anyone it's a good idea to assess whether what you truly want/desire can actually be delivered in your present location. Because, frankly, certain locations definitely are going to be much more challenging to find jobs in, or to have the sort of community/values you're really desiring in your life.

    In the short term, though, when one can't just up and leave and one needs to work with ones immediate environment... I think everything people have mentioned are the possibilities as far as maximizing finding jobs or building skills.
    Do what you feel is best. I just want to prod you a little...maybe for the future. Just putting the idea out there so it can simmer...

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    I think the most important thing I learned about trying to make a career out of my creative talents is that you kind of need to start out sharing your talents for free. For instance, I tried to get into voice over acting myself. I would often find posts for voice over castings on Craigslist and I would send them my demo. No one ever responded, but that's because I had absolutely no professional experience. Finally I decided to respond to an ad that didn't offer any pay, only credit. The first time I did that I was offered the job. So if I get enough unpaid jobs it will build my resume and eventually I'll be able to get paid jobs.

    I know that can be difficult though (as it has been for me) because you still need to make a living while you're slowly getting the necessary experience. But why not do something like babysitting? You don't need a degree for that. You can pursue your creative endeavors on your days off.

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