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View Poll Results: I could kill for....

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  • revenge or justice.

    15 35.71%
  • money or power.

    0 0%
  • I could e-kill for excessive fluff posts.

    4 9.52%
  • Me? I couldn't kill. I hate to spray roaches.

    6 14.29%
  • My religion or spiritual beliefs would restrain me.

    10 23.81%
  • If I were out of control or in a rage.

    7 16.67%
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    The only conditions would be to protect my own life or that of an innocent person.

    Otherwise, I find it a weakness. What is the point in hurting somebody else? Having satisfaction out of that is showing insecurity about one's power. Showing restraint and letting everyone be, on the other hand, is giving out the message that you're so secure of your ground that you do not need to hurt anyone. Revenge? What's the point! You become just as bad as what you condemned.

    Even if many people would without laws, it would be my personal satisfaction to hold myself to higher standards and ethical principles. Actually, I would try to stop people from killing themselves and try to gain power to put laws in place to protect people. I absolutely abhor any cruelty, evil or malice. Real strength is continuing to do good to others even if they have harmed you and it shows exceptional character.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Uberfuhrer View Post
    But seriously, I truly think that if we didn't have laws threatening us, mankind would reveal its true nature.

    I think we're all capable of killing someone, but we don't because of laws.
    I swear I've heard more than one INTJs saying something like this.

    Don't you think that the Law is there because the majority of humanity want it to be there?
    I suppose this fact reveals more of the true nature of humanity than yours.

    For the title question: I could kill someone to save my own ass.
    "Man is not made for defeat. A man can be destroyed but not defeated."
    - Ernest Hemingway

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crabapple View Post
    Do you think that you could actually ever kill someone? And under what circumstances?

    For instance, when I see some murdering child rapist or other wretch on the tv news, I'll say things like "He needs killin'", and I'm fairly sure that I could actually do it. Could you? Say if it was your kid, or they had done something otherwise heinous, could you kill someone? Or could you do it out of greed, rage, revenge, etc.?
    you don't give enough choices so i cannot vote.

    i would kill someone only if they asked me to or by accident.

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    None of the above for me. I have killed in the past ... as part of combat in a war. I never want to experience that again. It still haunts me to this day. Most were tank-on-tank warfare or long distance shooting ... but a few were up close and personal. I have dreams about them at least once a week. In particular a teen-aged soldier whom I bested only because I outweighed him by at least 40 lbs. Today, I have a difficult time even killing insects. Could I kill again? Yes ... but I will avoid it at almost all cost.

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    I would kill someone if they were about to kill someone (including myself) and it was the only way to stop them, even if the killer is someone who is normally a good and moral person. If they were left alive I don't think they woud be able to live on healthily with the fact that they killed someone. I would spare knowing someone else would have the trouble, and let it fester within myself instead. I can trust myself with that because I am very, verryyyy emotionally stable, especially during and after crises and when under pressure in serious situations like that.
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    holy shit am I a feeler?
    if you like my avatar, it's because i took it myself! : D

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    I would kill in self defence

    I would kill in revenge, if someone hurt my children, raped, or killed them, I would plan and execute that plan (be the first plan I do follow through with knowing me), and kill them if possible, if the police don't get to them first.

    Someone once tried to tell me that to do so is bringing me down to their level, I totally disagree. After all their "level" is that of a child raping, murdering evil person, my "Level" is that of a one off killing to someone who deserves it which my children never did. In which way is that equal?
    "No one can be free of the chains that surround them"

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    Yeah, definitely not enough options...
    Dreams are best served manifest and tangible.

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    I don't think it's right to have "revenge or justice" be one option. I wouldn't kill for revenge...but I might for justice.

    And while I might use deadly force in defense of myself or my family, I wouldn't do it specifically to kill the attacker; I would do it to stop the attack. This is a fine distinction in meaning between that and killing in self-defense. It's the difference between killing and surviving. In a self-defense situation, the point would be to survive, and whether my attacker lives or dies is a secondary consideration.

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    I think Nighthawk has pretty much owned this thread. Pack it up and move on, folks.
    Dost thou love Life? Then do not squander Time; for that's the Stuff Life is made of.

    -- Benjamin Franklin, Poor Richard's Almanack, June 1746 --

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mycroft View Post
    I think Nighthawk has pretty much owned this thread. Pack it up and move on, folks.
    HAN might have given him a run for his money, but he's been MIA [uggh, I didn't even PLAN that pun!] for a number of weeks now.

    The things that NH describes are the very reasons I would never want to be in military active duty. I don't think I could ever kill anyone in that context, and if I could make myself do it, it would emotionally devastate me.
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