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    Some things are just better by yourself, but yeah, I understand intrusive empathy. There are times I just don't want other people's emotion pressing in on the edge of my mind, even if they are warm and fuzzy. Actually this whole thread makes me feel better in a way. There's only a couple of people I even let close enough to share things like listening to my favourite music. My BBF is one, even though we have quite opposing tastes in movies, music, even art, he doesn't demand that much from me emotionally. I don't know if that's just because we are same wavelength or what, but we shout, cry, and whinge at each other, and not drain each other, some thing we both have problems when with other people. I dunno. We're so similar we don't expect that much from each other, we just know the other person will be there, listening. I don't have to be anything else other that what I'm feeling at the time. He's just not that intrusive. Now if I had a romantic relationship like that, I'd be in seven heaven.
    I have a couple of other friends which I share things with, but they are much more draining in a way, because in a way, I'm busy being their friend, and not being me enjoying that painting.
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    I can very much relate to this thread. It expresses one of the harder parts of myself I have to deal with, therefore I have nothing to add. I am just amazed that you could actually write down what I have been trying to explain to people for a lot of my wow

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