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    well well this can get expensive, my secrets are so wanted they are traded at the international spot market

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    The dirtiest of the dirty little secrets: Workplace rip-offs!

    Gets me all tingly just thinking about it...

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    it's not so much my activities that drain me.
    but activities with other people. but i'm very
    good at declining and usually have an exit
    strategy. i hate feeling obligated.

    if i'm having fun, then i can just go on and on.
    every normal man must be tempted, at times,
    to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag,
    and begin slitting throats.
    h.l. mencken

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    I get burned out pretty easily.. I go in phases too.. where I NEED People, and where I slightly require them occasionally.. In the case of the latter being swamped with situations for the former, I tend to turn down the things that aren't so important..
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    I am SO feeling this right now as well! For the past 3 weekends I have had non-stop obligations that bounce between my family (which generally involves getting up early) and my friends (which always involves staying up until at least 3 in the morning if not later.) Then, during the work week I hardly ever get to bed before 1 and oftentimes even 2 in the morning (due either to trying to catch up on housework that I couldn't do over the busy weekend or because of plans I've made with friends) and wake up at 7 (for work.) And when I get home from work all I can think about is taking a nap but I feel bad wasting the evening so I work out, shower, have a few friends over for dinner then before I know it it's already 1 am! I also find myself almost uncontrollably confirming plans with people that ask me to do things/attend events because I can't bare the thought of missing out but at the same time am exhausted knowing I am continuing to increase my sleep deficit.

    Monday night I finally had enough and came home from work and took a nap. Then I got up and had a great evening all to myself - and even turned down plans to go to a friend's that lives up the street and watch a movie. It was really nice and I'm glad I was able to do it - I highly recommend it if possible, Sparrow! Of course, I can't talk because it took me a month of needing a night like that to actually make myself slow down for a minute and have one

    A big problem I have is overbooking myself and I hardly even have time to do all the things I've agreed to/scheduled (and more times than not have to call something off because I don't have as much time as I thought I would - I'm *terrible* with time management) which I'm guessing is due to my 'P' wanting to have many possibilities for the weekend. I continually have issues with my ISFJ friend because we'll be grocery shopping and he'll casually mention a concert or party that's happening on an upcoming weekend (and it's only Monday or even 2, 3 weeks before the event) and I'll say 'Yea that sounds great!' which to mean literally means 'That *sounds* great, I'll look into it and let you know that night' but to him it means 'We now have official plans to attend this event together.' We have gotten a bit better with this communication problem but it still creates issues sometimes when he feels like I'm 'ditching' him for other plans when we had plans for the day weeks ago but unfortunately I can't even remember the conversation and now I've already told this other person that I would do something the same night. So what usually ensues is me running around like crazy that night trying to please everyone while leaving myself an exhausted mess! I will say that this problem has occurred less and less over the past year and I have become *much* better at balancing different plans and doing what I want to do with my night instead of worrying about making 3 different people/friend groups happy.

    My ENFJ friend has similar issues with over-exhausting herself with commitments but in a different way (and this might be like you, Sparrow.) She likes to have everything planned out and is much better at managing what she can fit in her time than me but hardly leaves time for herself, and once she has made the plans she *must* see them through (J) - there is no changing whether something better comes along or she is more tired than she anticipated or she just plain doesn't feel like going. Obviously for an important event this is a great quality to have but for say a casual game night with a few friends that would be very understanding for her not coming it starts to wear her down after awhile. So I guess I'm trying to say that when I overwhelm myself socially it's unplanned and I just keep on piling on spur-of-the-moment things whereas for her she actively plans her filled to the brim weekends. Both have the same effect on us, though and both are due to our extroversion not wanting to say no to people (which is very ENF oriented)/feel left out and miss the party/social gathering.

    That was a long ramble but I'm just sitting here running out the rest of my day at work (another guilty work-related omission )

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