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    Quote Originally Posted by Seymour View Post
    I'd be curious about whether you were raised by perfectionistic parents, or whether you see your perfectionism as more intrinsic. Is there any particular motivation for the perfectionism that you can discern?

    I have a real perfectionistic streak, but I ascribe it more to upbringing than anything inherent. It's useful in a work setting, but I find it lessens my enjoyment of things outside of work (especially creative pursuits).
    It wasn't inherent. But it has to do with my upbringing (having a mother as the sole breadwinnerof the family and a father who had brought nothing but emotional traumas). As a result, my perfectionistic streak is a result of showing my appreciation toward my mother how had chose not to abandon me, when she had more than enough reasons to do so.

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    Yeah, you don't sound like an INTJ at all to me. When you said that you are a very giving person, I saw that as very NF. And most INTJs would never sit on the phone for 4 hours listening to someone's problems. I try to be a good, supportive friend and all, but I think most of my friends would call me as a last resort. I'm not that nurturing--especially when someone is complaining a lot.

    I have an INFJ brother and an INFX father. They may not be very vocal about their feelings, but they definitely have strong ones. They often make emotional decisions. They also like to let those feelings out a lot in private. Me, I can be moved by a sad movie, but I almost never cry--even when I'm alone and having a really hard time. Anyway, you sound like an INFX--a bit closer to INFJ than INFP.

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