haha! so what do you guys totally panic/freak out about--that makes you withdraw??

the update is that we continue to email every few days or so (no schedule, which is what I prefer--I don't want to feel compelled to email someone if I don't have anything important to say). It's very friendly and amiable, with plans to meet up later on his trip out here. The tone, however, is sneaking up on flirty/interested (I am soooo shy about stuff like that and sharing my feelings/interest. I'd rather die than make someone uncomfortable if I liked them romantically, but they didn't like me back). So he's opening up a bit by making points to express his interest in me/going on a date IRL...but I have a hard time believing it, and am feeling all shy so am kind of freezing up. ahhh the life of the INFP :0/ it takes every ounce of courage (I pretend to) have in this area, to keep communicating with him and not sabotaging it to avoid looking stupid/disappointing him!