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View Poll Results: NFs, would you marry an atheist?

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  • NO - I'm an INFJ

    10 8.26%
  • NO - I'm an ENFJ

    4 3.31%
  • NO - I'm an INFP

    9 7.44%
  • NO - I'm an ENFP

    9 7.44%
  • YES - I'm an INFJ

    27 22.31%
  • YES - I'm an ENFJ

    7 5.79%
  • YES - I'm an INFP

    32 26.45%
  • YES - I'm an ENFP

    23 19.01%
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    the Dark Prophet of Kualu
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    Quote Originally Posted by Beargryllz View Post
    I understand, and I think you might be taking "no belief" too far in your assessment here. We can't have beliefs about something we don't or can't think about. There are people out there, whom I have never met, that will have beliefs about concepts I will never hear about. My "beliefs" about these concepts are implicitly absent. The easiest way I can explain it would be to pose a question. Does the absence of belief imply belief of absence? This is the difference between implicit atheism and explicit atheism. There are some who do not believe in god who would state "I do not believe in any god", and others who do not believe in any god, but couldn't say this, because they are detached from the concept and therefore unable to have a belief about god(s).
    Haha! Thanks.
    It's been like a logical puzzle with no end and now I got it on a silver plating.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elfa View Post

    I like so much the way you put it! Life can be seen in a meaningful and beautiful way, it doesn't need a religion to be wonderful... And, strangely, I feel very spiritual that way...
    Thank you!

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    yes, i would marry an atheist. but he must have some "spiritual" aspect, not neccessary put big importantce to it as i do, but he must have it in himself. believe in people, love. no hard core T.

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    Yes - I'm an atheist myself so it wouldn't be a problem.

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    Psshhhh, yes. I'm not the marrying kind, but if i WAS i would marry an atheist no problems.

    kinda helps that i am one though.

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    Why would type even matter? It depends on the individual person and their opinions/religion. Personally, I would. Why not? Wouldn't have a wedding though. That's a religious ceremony.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alchemilla View Post
    Atheist means "non-theist" in the same way asymmetrical means "non-symmetrical." It's not really a label that tells you what the atheist does believe in, just what they don't believe in.
    Yes, this is my view as well. To me atheism doesn't describe much of what I actually believe in terms of life's philosophy. It just means that I reject the notion that there exists supernatural beings or forces. If I were to use a term to describe my philosophical beliefs it would be naturalism or secular humanism, which are much more comprehensive world views.

    So, yes I would marry an atheist.

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    I'm an INFJ and atheist, so it wouldn't a problem for me. My husband-to-be is an ex-Catholic who now identifies as agnostic.

    I have just as many problems with aggressive, narrow minded atheists as I do with aggressive, narrow minded religious folk. Most of my friends have religious beliefs, but they're not chomping at the bit to argue so I believe and they don't attack me. There is mutual respect.

    We've gotten into debates, but I take care to pay attention to where they are coming from. I'm only really argumentative and defensive when I'm faced with someone attacking me. My religious friends are very 'live and let live' types and so am I. I attend their religious ceremonies and picnics, and I'm not the kind of asshole who will make some kind of statement if people say grace around the dinner table. These things don't offend me and I don't think they are naive or stupid. To me, there ARE positive aspects to many religions, I respect and understand the comfort religion gives and how it often serves as a very, very positive guide for people to simply keep in touch with their desires to do good, to figure out how they feel, on a regular basis. I truly do admire the strong community and family aspects found in a lot of Church groups. I get a shit ton of flack for this attitude from atheist friends who are more militant about it.

    Deities, religious text, and all of it just doesn't make sense to me personally and I just feel it is a man-made creation, but I'm not knocking the altruistic and positive roots of a lot of it. It's the stuff that advocates hate, discrimination, war, and excusable violence that bothers me, and when it winds up cutting off minds to possibilities, growth, and learning. I feel like I can discern the extremists from the rest. I've met a lot of angry extremists who belittle me and try to intimidate or bully me with their beliefs, but on the same token I've met just as many wonderful, giving, loving folks with religion in their lives. I don't really care if you're religious, what matters to me is character and how someone treats others. I am NOT above religious people, I just feel I'm above hateful, bullying people, and that goes for EVERYONE I meet.

    I can be wary of religious folks, but I never turn my back. I get nervous about what may happen when our differences in belief come to the table, but I see it through so I may see if we can simply connect as people and form a friendship over all the things we have in common rather than what we don't. Sometimes it's just impossible because some of the things I stand for seem in direct conflict whichever religious text they follow, but many times there is mutual respect. I like the rare occasion when I see couples comprised of an atheist and a religious person. I can only think of one example right now, but that couple worked wonderfully together and their kids were very smart, loved and loving, steady, and good-natured. That's the most important thing at the end of the day, isn't it?
    "Nobody in life gets exactly what they thought they were going to get, but if you work really hard, and you're kind, amazing things will happen. I'm telling you...amazing things will happen" --Conan O'Brien

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    Not inclined to officially marry - have the wedding, and get the paperwork done - too much hassle and unnecessary expenses, but I wouldn't mind settling down with one as long as they aren't the Richard Dawkins extremist types!

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    INFPs seem pretty open to the idea
    Btw, I'd assume the forum users are more open minded than the general population, which means the results should be taken with a grain of salt

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