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    Default NFs , Foundations and Personal Intrgeity.

    Integrity.. It means strength , solidity, consistency, but it exists according to one's own values.
    A lot of people defend their vision of internal integrity and rightly so.


    Like everything, Integrity has an opposite. In ethics it's opposite is hypocrisy.
    If you possess one, you possess the other, they mean the same thing. They are just opposing ends of the same spectrum. Ying and Yang.
    Like a coin, if one side is showing, that does not exclude the other side from existing. You simply cannot be one one without also being the other.

    Integrity is also a foundation. And like any foundation, it requires maintenance.
    If a crack appears in your foundation, this dos not mean your whole foundation has crumbled.
    Like anything that requires upkeep, there is always the potential for upgrading as well.
    Cracks might be an excellent opportunity to go reinforce things with better materials.
    No foundation is 100% crack proof. That includes yours.

    If a crack appears and you ignore it by pretending it doesn't exist or you try to fix it by moving some pictures or furniture around, well we know, any crack left unattended eventually becomes a fissure, and now, your whole foundation crumbles down.

    Another thing to consider.. And I know how difficult this can be.. If we haven't been inspecting the integrity of our foundation or ignoring it. Sometimes someone walks by and say's something like "Hey, I notice a little crack there eh?, you might want to have a look at that."
    What you do at this point defines your foundation.

    It's here where we resent others.. This is our common NF crack, the one people keep telling us about, that we refuse to see.
    We resent them each time we are standing knee deep in our shit flooded basements using a bucket to bail up the mess.


    We fix the crack. And if we desire real integrity, we do all we can to prevent the crack from reappearing.
    Cracks will appear no matter what we do and other people will notice.

    Your foundation is not innate. You create it, you maintain it.
    Integrity is not a gift or talent , it's a skill. One you need to learn and one that diminishes without regular practice.

    When someone sees a crack and points it out.. You should thank them!!

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    This is an interesting exposition on integrity. I think others are probably best at pointing out to us when we are going astray, as it's sometimes painful and difficult to look within and admit we sometimes behave in ways that are inconsistent with our personal standards of integrity.

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