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    The Iliad is a warrior's poem. A close reading will show that the question for the protagonists is "what must I do to fulfill my role?" "Do I step up and throw my spear or shrink back?" The issue is living up to social norms and ideals. Doing your job and filling your role. Looking at it through the model INFJ fits this very well and in the right circumstances will work well in the modern military.

    Don't let your type stop you from entering your chosen career because you can get a clever lawyer to show you how to make your type fit your career or visa versa. And then look before you leap.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arclight View Post
    They don't give a damn what you feel in the military.. just bear that in mind. Oh.. they don't give a damn what you think either.
    You will not be able to offer "just one more perspective".

    I can't see an INFJ thriving such an environment.. But that's just me.
    My thoughts exactly. I know I could not thrive in the military. Not without feeling like my soul has been crushed.

    I can't stand physical discomfort. I would have a very difficult time enduring boot-camp conditions even if it was only temporary.

    I can't stand being yelled at or even people raising their voices at me. I don't do well when people speak like they're giving orders and demanding I do things. And you know that will happen in the military.

    I need to have the opportunity to question rules and ask "why" and offer that one more perspective. You know the military is not like that.
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