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As an INFJ I was pretty reserved. I liked to watch TV and make things, usually with legos and with no real design in mind. Just making for makings sake. Having a design in mind makes it feel like a job and no fun. Also, I watched a lot of educational television and preferred shows that were live-action rather than cartoons. Top three? Billy Nye, Zoom, and Magic Schoolbus.

Even though I kept to myself a lot, if someone I was comfortable with was there and I got onto a tangent I would be a chatterbox. I also liked playing imagination.

Definitely me as a kid. Lots of time making things up. I did a ton of drawing, making up stories and giving context to silly little pictures I'd draw all the time and things I put together with lego. Loved reading books; Magic Schoolbus was awesome, and the Animorphs series was like my favorite thing ever as a kid. I was also a fiercely competitive little brat, I HATED losing to my older siblings when I'd play videogames with them.