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    Quote Originally Posted by Lady X View Post
    oh god the inappropriate laughter is embarrassing...i was at some movie...sherlock holmes maybe?? and someone got killed and i laughed out sounded so sinister and screwed up....i think i was just surprised or something haha
    I love it when people do this. I usually laugh at inappropriate times during films either because I genuinely find it funny or because I want to get a reaction out of people near me. So when others initiate it, I'll usually find it funny and laugh too.

    On topic, though, I have found that the (one or two) INFPs I have known do not really smile very often at all.
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    Maybe I don't smile as much now. I think I was a little more perky as a kid. At the same time, I was in risk of hell, like I said. I didn't just laugh at inappropriate movie scenes. I remember one time my friend's grandmother fell down and broke her hip. Just the way she fell back was too much.. I'm not big on slapstick either. It wasn't like that. Maybe it was because she started mumbling "Oh me, oh me, oh me".

    Whatever. *Puts on serious humanitarian face. Helps old woman.* :workout:

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    Inappropriate laughter.Yes. Especially when reading or thinking about some thing. I don't smile that much though. When I do though people seem to like it. I laugh alot though.
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