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    Default Odd INFP poetry...?

    Many times in my life, I've gone through certain periods or events I've found stressful. I may talk to people about it, but I will not find the connection or understanding I need. The events which cause the stress are, 99%, ones which deal with my personal feelings about other people. As the problem stays in my mind, I'll begin seeing random images in my head and having thoughts that make little sense. My dreams will get more vivid, yet at the same time, more full of complex imagery and confusing situations.

    Then finally, I'll just have to release the problem someway. I get the strong urge to write what a friend once affectionately called my "garble poetry". Strings of words and phrases which, at first, make no sense, but then, as it is read into closely, do seem to tell what is on my mind as well as sometimes even offering a solution.

    Here is a sample I have around my computer of my "garble poetry":

    >Something unexpected, can’t be brought on by mere will
    >Found by luck, but never by searching
    >Away from loneliness, but damaged, one never feels more alone
    >Burst of happiness, never want to let it go...
    >Snarls, a test
    >Saved by strong, never dissolving friendship

    I just wonder:

    1) Can other INFPs relate to this?

    2) What cognitive functions are at work here?

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    I tend to write in ABAB or ABBA format so the style doesn't resonate with me. But reading your words, I can totally relate to what you are saying in that one!

    I like to write alot too. Poetry, stories, garble, I like it all, don't worry about what others think....stick with and enjoy your style.

    PS...I'm just now learning about cognitive functions so I can't say much about that.
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    I really can't help by way of identifying which cognitive function/s is/are at work here, but on a related note, I do find myself writing random phrases on a notebook (I have a separate notebook for these scribblings). Phrases like "a breath closing", or "a lip of sun", phrases which pop up in my head, but which make no sense to me whatsoever. I've never discerned what they mean, 'cept for the fact that they rearranged in my head somehow to form themselves.
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    I can relate!

    I've been writing poetry since 4th or 5th grade. I haven't stuck to it, but when I am going through something, usually a big change, I will start to write a lot.

    And usually in the middle of writing down my thoughts, I get the urge to write down just ramblings in my head that automatically come out on paper. As a way to deal with stress? Or try to make sense of my feelings and thoughts. Ahh.

    I am not well versed on the functions so won't pretend to know which ones are at work :/

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