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    Yeah.. I like time alone too.. and spend crazy amounts of time in my head.
    So for this ENFJ .. I have to say.. when my INFJ tunes out in my presence, I feel a tad insulted. Unless of course I know what's going on.
    I figure, Alone time?.. in my head.. In the presence of the most important people in my life?.. Engage me please.
    SO I am hoping it's not too much to ask my partner. And of course if you actually live together or what not.. I can easily enjoy an INFJ's presence and not utter a word to each other while we do our own things.

    Oddly enough, one of my INFJs accused me regularly of "not being there, 100%". So go figure.

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    Yeah, I'm sure she finds it frustrating because sometimes she'll ask me questions or she'll comment on something and want a response and then i won't reply because I'm in my own little world.

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    One difference I have found is activity level. On Saturdays I would love to lie around, read books, think, but he is up and into 10 different projects. He doesn't mind if I lie around, but I feel really lazy if someone else is doing all this work and I am not contributing.

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