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    I agree. Stereotypes can add fuel to the fire. Awesome reply by the way.

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    your type is your type and conditioning cant change that but i agree that there is a lot of pressure and social expectations from society to act a certain way. men should be manly and logical and women should be emotionally driven and pathetic. its fucking stupid but its basically true.
    "Honest differences are often a healthy sign of progress. "

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    Quote Originally Posted by "?" View Post
    One of the first things learned years ago, are that males battling with T/F are most likely feeling types who are attempting to fit into the gender roles placed on them by society and vice versa for women.

    For those males who have determined their preference for Fi or Fe, was this a struggle and if so how did you overcome it?
    I was very much trying to be like a T when I was growing up. No one told me it is ok to be something else. It was kinda hard, yeah. I wondered what the hell is wrong with me and why all the guys are interested in all the different things than me. And why are they such morons, heh...

    I guess I overcome it at the point when I thought its ok to be me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Babylon Candle View Post
    i disagree, i think Fi is harder than Fe for males.
    Fi is annoying in the sense that it is unexpected. An Fe male gets approached with the female recognising they are sensitive and a feeling type, and maybe liking them for it. Fi they often believe you are a thinking type, who is kind and a little crazy socially. Then when they suddenly see the emotional complexity they think you have issues . Why isn't this guy just simple and strong? Why does he question these things unless he is really uncertain of himself? (for fun and because he isn't scared of them? hehe). In some ways it was amusing, in others it used to make me want to go bang my head against a wall and wonder why people were so strange. But often my tolerance of it probably stopped people getting to the next step and understanding it.

    Socially I also have to ignore 90% of the advice other guys give me, because most of it is so far from my style that I'd be not me to do it.
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    Well..I've always been a strong F, and haven't really adapted it any way, other then strengthening it..but I don't think I have any problems with it, because other people usually don't see it when I express emotions, being an intovert and all.

    Sometimes, I will feel uneasy seeing sad movies around friends, because I will, on occasion, break a tear here or there, but I try as hard as I can to keep it internal around people who wouldn't understand it, my friends for instance, maybe.

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    Aren't we all tired of the same "be more like a man" comments that even other girls will tell us and vice-versa? Then they want men to be less of a jerk and women to stand up for themselves. Such contradiction is why relationships are failing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mlittrell View Post
    your type is your type and conditioning cant change that but i agree that there is a lot of pressure and social expectations from society to act a certain way. men should be manly and logical and women should be emotionally driven and pathetic.
    i wouldnt say that "T" or "F" expectations necessarily tie to gender behaviors...

    i have seen far more behavioral expectations based on whatever social group dominates your environment, they arent necessarily about sex, but about copying those who are considered the examples.

    in my personal experience, it was actually the opposite... when i grew up i was often 'nurtured' to be emotionally sensitive because the rest of my family was, which actually lead me to think that my preference for thinking was unnatural, not only within my family but in society as well. i believe i am still an introvert now, but as a child my introversion was far more severe because of this, subconsciously i learned that my thinking was "wrong" and was best kept hidden from the world.

    only in my late adolescence did i find i am happier and healthier when i am allowed to be logical, without being required to tip-toe around the emotions of others. sometimes it takes time for others to see that i dont intend to be hurtful by ignoring their emotions, but in the end it has always worked out for the better when things remain in their natural, sustainable state.

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    Yeah it took me quite a while to even consider being an F, I often tested as a INTJ or INTP as that is the kind of face that I show most of the world. I have always felt strongly about things but I thought everyone else did too and they just hid it like I do. Generally I've grown to like the idea of being an F and I'm almost proud of the fact that I will consider others in my decision making, I think being an F will be valuable if I ever have kids.

    Edit: Wedekit's article explains it much better than I ever could, very enlightening that others experience those things also.

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