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    Default okay, I hope it's not irreparably gauche but

    How does your type affect how you handle your personal finances? What ways does it help? What ways does it not help?

    For myself, I am very frugal. I love finding alternate uses for everyday objects and I really enjoying paying next to nothing for anything. I rarely shop retail as I enjoy the "hunt" for something that has not been mass-produced within the past ten years or so. My home is wonderfully eclectic and I have always enjoyed surrounding myself with things that seem small but have great symbolism for me. Almost everything in my home has a story. (I am trying to think of some existential reason for the dust-grizzlies under my desk though). I am far from the affluenza crowd.

    However, when it comes to setting money aside for retirement: . Although I am future focused, I am future-reality challenged. And I work with the elderly and broke! What gives?

    I am very curious to know how other folks feel their type affects what money means to them ...
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    Yeah, I rarely spend my money on things that are not vital. I don't mind spending my money on other people though. Otherwise, I know I am not the best when it comes to keeping up with money, so I choose to simply refrain from spending it. I find more value in sentimental items than luxurious ones.
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    Does your work have a 401K or something like that? I am a spender, but if we never see the money, I don't miss it, also, 'spending' the money into a savings sometimes works for me.
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    Money ought to be invested... unfortunately I think most NFs (myself included) aren't the most knowledgeable people around when it comes to finances...

    Anyways, I'm a careful person when it comes to money. Rarely spend it on stuff I don't need. On the other hand, when I need something, I don't mind putting in the dough in order to get what I want. I'm not that great a bargain hunter... perhaps it's because I'm too impatient for that. Extra money is saved up or placed into RRSP... a little something for rainy days.

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    at the start of every year, i'll plan my budget, and how much i want to save. will set aside for daily expenditure, to give back to parents/grandma, and extraordinary expenses--such as holidays, birthday presents etcetc.

    I also have a record of all my expenditure every day (more or less )

    also invest like crazy; although it's high risk that i go for.

    since i do have a larger term outlook, eg, by age xx, i wish to have xxx dollars in my account etcetc.

    And usually (when i was working, just quit haha), i'll hold down more than one job at a time. One full time, and a couple of part time jobs.

    Basically, it's balancing of income and outgo (love that term!) for me. If i find myself overspending--as happens sometimes --i'll try to make up for it by saving more the next months, or by trying to earn more, so that overall budget is not affected.

    it's the dang P that always ruins it though. impulse buys at times. But i don't regret it though. what's the point of money if it can't make the ones around you happy.
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    Living nor dead, and I knew nothing,
    Looking into the heart of light, the silence.

    --T.S Eliot, The Wasteland

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