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    To me, respect has it's moment of truth when conflict is present.. How someone handles themselves in conflict will always be my only deal breaker in any relationship. I am flexible on this point, up to a point. That is, until things begin to spin out of control.
    If things spiral out of control.. I lose respect for myself as well.
    This is bad.. Very bad.

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    I respect people who are honest, caring, open-minded, hard working, emotionally mature and want to grow and develop. I can't respect people who lie, control or try to control others and narrow-minded; and I definitely disrespect people who, when lack arguments to support their theories or beliefs use their fists...
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    I need to add: anyone who knows they could push my boundaries as hard as they wanted but refrains from doing so. I like people who wait to see the challenge light off in my eyes before trying to grapple with me. I like women who watch and wait and size people up before acting. I like men who read me, change after flickering change, and drift through me like a car swinging through a hairpin turn.

    I don't like being manhandled, but I liked to wrestle. In the broadest sense of the term.
    I don't like delay and hesitation, but I like patience and contemplation.
    I don't like to be roughed up and spoken to harshly, but I like directness and respectful criticism.

    I also don't like name calling. Or being told to shut up.
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