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    I like BS-ing. So in other words, yes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by anii View Post
    I'm more spiritual than philosophical. I've read a bit of existentialism, but philosophy definitely feels more T than F to me. Thus it makes sense that Logic courses are taught under the umbrella of the Philosophy department.
    I truly don't think that the whole subject of philosophy is limited to the T functions, I believe it works just like any other subjects.

    Psychology would be a good example:

    Biological Psychologists tend to take an approach that reasons with genetic predispositions and other more "logical" causes; or at least these are more logical to those in that field. So those who place all emphasis on this "logical" approach accept the theory that we are born with genetic predispositions that cause us to behave in a certain way. They started with this theory, and then worked their way up. It is very impersonal because it can essentially imply that some people are just mis-wired genetically and they need to be treated or we have to put them away.

    The Humanistic Psychologist's approach is based on the theory that human beings want to "self-actualize" our inborn potential. The theory can lead us to infer that all people are born good and if they are not good then they are having problems experiencing self-realization. So the solution is we need to help them go through this self-realization and turn it toward self-actualization. When you compare this to Biopsychology it appears to be very personal and implies that all people just need help becoming what they want to be.

    This are two very different theories, but they both use scientific reasoning to test their theories and use experimentation to discover more evidence. So these are two very logically developed schools of psychology that were based on theories that are just that... theories.

    Philosophy can be much the same way (I don't feel like going into too much detail on these; take it for face value):

    Logic bases everything on (rational) principles and criteria that describe valid arguments/demonstrations. It is the most impersonal in it's primitive form.

    Ethics bases everything on the rational ideas of right conduct and good life. This means that not only do they take a more personal approach to reasoning, they also assume that there is an indisputable "good".

    Both are two "theories" or approaches to philosophy. Both are built on two different types of ideas. Modern Aristotelian Metaphysics would say that we find the commonality within their differences with our use of the intellect's conceptualization. Two types of approaches on different sides of the spectrum, but are rational and part of the same subject. As philosophy advances, we see these two branches blend in with one another, but in formal ideology they are still separate.
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    Maybe yes and maybe no. 'cause I'm not too drawn to these things of philosophy...

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    I do have some philosophical viewpoints, but I definitely wouldn't call myself a philosopher. That just seems kind of pretentious to me, lol.

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