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    Default The MMDI scores me as an INFJ!

    The MMDI scores me as an INFJ! The description fits me, but only so far as my overall sense of my life goals and my broadest behavior at work. By the cognitive functions, it seems pretty far fetched. In the MBTI I have a very weak Fe but a very strong Ti.

    So how does the MMDI differ from the MBTI? Which is better? Has anybody else scored somewhat different on the two tests? (I score as an INTP on the MBTI...I do not define myself as one, however...)

    The MBTI types me as an INFP, however, SOCIONICS calls me an Logical Intuitive Extram (called an ENTj in our terms.)

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    Take it with a grain of salt. It kept scoring me as XNTJ and that's quite laughable.

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