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    I know in Japan it is common to get married in your late twenties or early thirties, but it is still common for the woman to quit her job (if she has one) once she is married or engaged. I assume this may be possible in other cultures as well.
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    8 years bro? Aren't you afraid she'll marry someone else? You need to just marry her now if you're so sure and build a life with her. You build a life for her, you might be building a life for a different lady or nobody at all.

    I'm flabbergasted by this attitude.

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    Knowing love the way I do
    I can say for certain that it's true
    There's a chance for me and you
    I surely feel like the time is near
    The picture in my mind is very clear
    I think love has brought us here

    I remember not too long ago
    I was just a lonely person with a lonely heart
    And I was hopin' there could one day be
    Be a chance for me to...

    Get the love that I'd been missin'
    Sometimes love takes a long time
    But, wait for love and you're gonna get the
    Chance to love - wait for love, wait for love
    Ooh my

    When you take the chance on love you see
    It's not a waste of time if you truly believe
    The impossible can be
    So hold on tight if you think you're right
    'Cause nothing hurts as bad as when you see
    You gave up too easily

    Now I remember spending all my time
    On a dream that kept me wishing that you could be mine
    And I was hopin' there could one day be
    Be a chance for me to...

    Repeat Chorus

    I never stopped believing there could one day be
    Be a chance for me to

    Repeat Chorus and Fade
    RIP Luther Vandross

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    Quote Originally Posted by Patches View Post
    Why not work toward a stable life while simply dating?
    my thoughts too.

    i think we are all concerned that life will interfere if you don't take the opportunity for love that is in front of you.

    personally, i fall in love with someone because of their passion, dedication, caring, sense of humor, intelligence, interest, and charm. those things don't really change through most people's lives... even if they are experiencing certain hard issues, those general personality attributes usually remain the same.

    Quote Originally Posted by marmalade.sunrise
    You build a life for her, you might be building a life for a different lady or nobody at all.
    this too... sometimes we think we know what people want... but we don't really know what they need. especially for an NF, unwavering love, support, and encouragement of her dreams are all generally going to be the most important attributes in a partner.

    what are the issues you're worried about, exactly, tommyrader? are you talking about money or career security, or emotional stability?

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    Dear my friends!

    It's hard to describe my feeling now. I'm moved and fired by your care. Thank you so much my friends! You gave me a lot of advices and I'm trying to do better from it.

    Most of you advise me to express my love. Some of you suggest me to be patient. I see the good points from both of them and will have some deep thinking to give the final decision.

    @Nolla: Your post is really great, I get some lesson from it.

    @IZthe411: Your song is beautiful, sincerely!

    @JoSunshine: I'm living in asia, but that doesn't control my decision. It's not the problem of culture or religious.

    @skylights: you're sensible (sorry if I use the wrong word) when your think there's the problem of emotional stability. I think I should give more thought about that.

    Thank you, all my friends!

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