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    My room mate says I always have to be right. I do not, it's not my fault that I'm right/she doesn't give a strong enough argument for me to change my mind. But if you can convince me I'm wrong I might change my mind. I also always get that I'm opionated when it comes to certain things, I tend to believe what makes the most sense to me and I figured the rest of the world did to, then I begin to find out some people only believe/vote a certain way cuz they're family does. Why exsist? if you're not going to believe something for yourself and not some one else. Of course growing up in a home where my dad voted republican and my mom voted democrat I never felt pressure to choose a side in politics.

    I'm not saying you can't vote or be the same religion of your family but please have a better reason then "Oh my father did"
    In no likes experiment.

    that is all

    i dunno what else to say so

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    i only really have strong opinions about how things work and other T things. values are always gonna shift around.

    if someone out-argues me, i'll totally change my stance. no problem.

    i think i'm the only NF i know with these traits.

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    I'm not that self confident. But I do hold some pretty strong opinions. I only become visibly stubborn about them after my values and/or boundaries have been repeatedly trod upon or violated. Every once in a blue moon, it only takes one offense to get my hackles up. But that is very rare; the offense has to be relatively flagrant.
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