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Thread: ENFP's & age

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    Also, at 10-20 I took things very seriously. I took my art very seriously and that made me a bit insane. Now, in my early 20s, I don't take anything overly serious. I mean, if a friend came to me upset about something obviously I'd take them seriously. But in general, I'm up with the fairies socially... I flutter around like a butterfly in the room. I can see a humorous side to everything. The only think I take seriously is within my line of humanitarian work. Everything else? whatevs man.

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    Quote Originally Posted by revolve View Post
    this is how i see it . . . and what i've experienced first hand, as well as observed from other IRL enfps . . .

    we pretty much do everything backwards . . . or in reverse order . . . actually what's really going on is that we do not follow a linear path in life, so it feels backwards . . . also that bob dylan quote "the older i get the younger i get" or something like that rings very true . . .

    here's my observations based on irl enfps i know, as well as myself:

    1- kinda in a hurry to grow up
    2- get into very serious / committed "love" relationships at a relatively young age (for nowadays) & stay in that relationship for more than 3 years
    3- maybe (accidentally) get pregnant during that 3+ year relationship or maybe get married
    4- 3+ year relationship ends
    5- enfp reassesses everything . . . loses a lot of his / her idealism . . . does a 180 or 360 with the dating situation . . .
    6- as a result of #5 enfp is more mature, more wise, more "jaded" . . . but at the same time enfp feels younger, freer & loses a lot of previous "expectations" of life & love
    7- enfp looks back on previous "serious" relationship & says "what the hell was i thinking staying with X person for so long!!!"

    i don't know . . . i'm going on my own tangent . . . i don't know how to express this

    That sounds just like me... except #7. Being 26 right now I feel this awesome mixture of being mature but at the same time like my old happy idealistic 16 year old self ! Funny how that goes

    Also I just got out of a 3+ years relationship where I got married... So yeah.. now I feel like a cliche :P
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