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    Quote Originally Posted by fidelia View Post
    I certainly identify with what you've said about being the most and least approachable person simultaneously to different people. I'm not really sure what that is. ...
    In some cases, I've found men that treat me like a mother figure/idealized woman rolled up in one, which seems odd to me. Kind of like putting me on a pedestal, and with not just familial admiration, but at the same time not at all pursuing me either. I don't know how to explain that exactly, but I think it's sort of a weird phenomenon. ...
    I would actually have a hard time saying how the majority of people would perceive me, because I think people ...
    Ubelievable how this resonantes with me also. It always hiarious to know there are general copies of yourself around. With differences of course. For instance, Fidelia, you seem to be able to merge your experiences into some coalescent whole and then translate that into writing in an wonderfully coherent way - thats a talent and one i do not share.

    So how do you do it ?

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    I put up a front of normality but I've always felt strange (which I'm learning is just an INFJ trait, so maybe I'm not that strange). Anyway, when I say I put up a front of normality, I mean I don't show the parts of me that I think people would not be able to understand, or I don't show the parts of me that people have questioned in a way that made me feel like they were implying I was a freak.

    When I was younger people would always tell me that when they first saw or met me they were afraid of me, but then they liked me as they got to know me. I always gave the weirdest first impressions. As I've gotten older I've put forth more effort to put myself out there socially and try to be more outwardly friendly to strangers (although it's exhausting). I've found that most people warm up to me quickly and now it's the people who get to know me more personally that sometimes act as though I'm strange. They start to notice things about me and question them. And since I don't expect to be understood I withdraw or try to change the subject.

    In truth, I'm starting to realize for the first time, that INFJs are different (I mean we only make up 1% of the population right?) but we aren't freaks; we're unique. I can't be a freak when there are other people who are also INFJs and who can relate to me (even if that group is small). Actually learning about being an INFJ has been a big help in making me feel normal because I never knew there were other people like me before. It's a relief. This isn't just a convoluted personality I have, it's an actual personality type and there are reasons for it; it has a purpose in the world.

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