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    Of course it didn't work out as I wanted. She wasn't even at the party

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    Then contact her some other way.

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    Why you do this and feel like this, well it's normal, you're a f****** INFP, I know the feeling and it pisses me off everytime I have it even know I know I cannot control it or stop it or do anything about it. Like, I had a crush like this in general school and it took me 1 or 2 years just to muster the courage to ask her on a date, just to see it wasn't like I dreamed it would be. Later, I got a hold of her and got her to do the personality test and it was amazing how it answered a lot of questions. Or break ups, I cannot not put my whole heart into one, there is no other way of loving that I know of, so whenever it ends, even the single mention of that person can be hurtful, seeing her or even pictures of her only brings back a lot of memories and it feels like there is a loss of some kind. It's hard to put into words, basically I remember all the fun times and I miss them and then I remember all the hurtful times and the negative emotions come back. I have never been able (because of this) to remain friends with an ex, there is just too much intensity in my emotions and till now, none of them knew how to handle them, in fact they only made things worse through their actions. SO I totally understand how you are feeling, it's normal that you feel that way, it's not weird at all. In fact if people would get a glimpse of the intensity of our emotions and inner turmoil...they would probably be overwhelmed.

    The only thing I learned to do in order to cope with this is to phase out a bit when this happens. There are 2 things that usually help...maybe 3 :

    1st : don't expect anything, you were cool before you met her and you will be cool if it doesn't work out anyway, so there is no possible loss if you try, only a possible gain, it may happen , it may not happen, but there is nothing bad going to happen either way. You need to control your fantasies at this point, I know how easy we can dream up different scenarios, when we really like someone and that Fi dreaming mood gets us to even ignore what our other function Ne tells us. You have to keep a balance between them and not make false illusion (or let it become an obsession), whatever happens it will be cool, like it has always been.
    2. I'd say take baby steps, don't rush head in, see how she responds as you try to get closer and closer to her and use your Ne function to read her signals...go by your intuition and don't hurry.
    and I forgot what the 3rd one was. All I can think of now is don't let fear eat you alive, there is nothing bad that can happen.

    Since it has been NY's eve, I wonder what happened...?

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