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    Default Honing Ti in NFJ's

    I have done a great deal of this with my own. I feel more confident in myself when debating with people and I wonder if others, if you have been through such rigorous training of this function, feel the same. Do you? What else has developing this piece of your type done for you?

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    Academia (writing argumentative papers and developing the ability to to logically explain your reasoning in a somewhat sequential manner).

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    For me it's been teaching music or other skills, which forces me to think in a sequential pattern and also to think out the underlying themes that unify everything we are doing.

    Also, the more I have to explain a thought, the more distilled and clear it becomes. I love this forum for that reason. It allows me to see people's reactions, see where I've missed something or where some stuff should be left out for clarity etc.

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    Writing/typing in general. Also, ever since I ventured into the business world, people tend to want to know what I think instead of me doing that 'offline'. I have been practising thinking out loud.

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