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View Poll Results: NFPs and NFJs: Do you feel more in common with each other, or with FPs and FJs?

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  • I'm an NFJ, and I feel more in common with the NFPs.

    5 17.24%
  • I'm an NFJ, and I feel equally in common with both.

    2 6.90%
  • I'm an NFJ, and I feel more in common with the FJs.

    4 13.79%
  • I'm an NFP, and I feel more in common with the FPs.

    5 17.24%
  • I'm an NFP, and I feel equally in common with both.

    6 20.69%
  • I'm an NFP, and I feel more in common with the NFJs.

    7 24.14%
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    So essentially what I'm saying is that I can feel close or like or relate to individual people whether they are FP or FJ, but objectively the WAY I AM and express things is clearly more like the FPs around me, including SFPs, whether or not I actually get along with them better or how close I feel to them, I can't deny the similarities.

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    I feel freer around the nfps. To much J and it is restricting and two enfjs don't always just open up to each other. I think it takes the open/flex non-decisive/judgmental vibe for me to calm and open up. And by that I mean it positively that their dom is perceiving. I have more than 73% J every test so I have enough for two alone.

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    Hmmm I first voted NFJ, but I think I'll have to change my mind.

    ENFP's, INFP's and ISFP's are all people I really have a connection with. I like ENFJ's and really like INFJ's but ENFJ's can wear too much of a social facade. They can hard to be truly connected with.
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    I wish votes could be changed in polls...
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    well, i voted equal commonality, but i've been thinking a lot and it's really just hard to tell.

    in order of ease/commonality of resonance:

    ENFP, ENFJ, INFP (similarity in general worldview)
    ENTP, INTJ (similarity in intellectualism / humor)
    ISFP (similarity in artisticness / individual offbeatness)
    ESFJ, ISFJ (similarity in people-orientation)
    ENTJ, INTP (similarity in intellectualism / humor)
    ESFP (similarity in fun / novelty seeking, open warmth)
    INFJ (similarity in NF but hard to deal with their "closed"ness)
    ESTP, ISTP (similarity in fun / novelty seeking but very different)

    the most important connection for me would seem to be N, which is fairly unsurprising.

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    Equally in common with FPs as NFJs, but both less so than with NTs.

    Above all, comfort, ease of communication found within Socionics quadra boundaries is far more valid, testable than anything mbti offers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zarathustra View Post
    NFPs: Do you feel more in common with the NFs on the other side of the tracks, or your SFP brothers and sisters?

    NFJs: Same question to you, but with regards to NFPs and SFJs...

    Erm... the two choices are hard to answer as conversationally I can have a more enjoyable time with NFP's, and the NFP topics of conversation/interests tend to allign much more with me than SFJ's do... but I can understand the SFJ's thought process/external concerns more readily, and we probably approach relationships more similarly.

    However, judging by my group of friends irl - I have most in common with Ni-ers. NJ's, really - they are who constitute my close friends, and I feel like I connect/relate to them pretty effortlessly - NFJ's and NTJ's. There are a few non-Ni-ers who I am close to, but the bulk is definitely Ni-driven.
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    IRL, more with INFPs, then INFJ and ENFJ. ENFPs are somewhat alien to me. I like INTPs and ENTJs a lot (I think them more than NFs).

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    i don't think my sample size is large enough to really say but i think i know more nfs than other types so maybe there's a reason for that...??
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    in normal daily interactions, how deep do we really dig into another's personal space-unless we attempt to forge a relationship with them? I'd expect that is where you will see the breakdown occur. Otherwise our own internal projections combined with the forgiveness and caring of Fi/Fe will fill in the gaps of misunderstanding that arise.

    I have the most issues with ISFJs, The very few Fe doms are a mixed bag-one adores me, even though I am a bitch as he says I can get anything done. With the others-it is klike we cant find a stable middle ground in an interaction...I keep molding and they keep molding...
    I most enjoy the company of ENTPs, INTJs, and ISTJs although I like a lot of INTPs as well.
    Oddly some INFJs seem very close to me and will share a lot of what they feel so I comfort them-ENFPs as well. But we NEVER touch values.
    I have to keep ESTPs and ESTJs at a bit of a distance as they dont really understand me, so it would be unfair to dump Fi at them and expect them to cope.

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