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    It is kind of funny that clothes are very important to me... I buy them so rarely that in a way it might seem like I don't care about them, but no. Firstly, I am influenced by the clothes I wear. For example, my walking style is so dependent of the shoes I wear that I have to pay close attention to what kind of shoes I buy. Also, the pants that I wear effect my walking. For example, if I need to appear less in my own head, I need pants that don't have pockets, because otherwise I can keep my hands in my pockets, and that brings my posture down just enough for me to stare more down and so not be very observant of the things going on, thus making me go into my mind. Well, this is true for all the clothes I wear, and people have told me that all clothes fit me (while playing extreme makeover with someone elses wardrobe ). That isn't true from my perspective, since it is me conforming to the clothes, and it is somehow important for me to not have to conform too much. Because of this, I rarely buy new clothes and I come to see the clothes I have as an important part of me, so I rarely get rid of clothes either.

    My style is not too eccentric, but there's always some little spice to it. In the summer I wore mostly dress shirts, flip-flops and the Alladin style pants, I don't know what they are called. Now I wear jeans, leather jacket, sweater, fisherman-style gloves (without fingertips) and a really long colorful muffler. I like to have colors in my style.

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    With dreamers, pure and simple, the imagination remains a vaguely sketched inner affair. It is not embodied in any aesthetic or practical invention. Reverie is the equivalent of weak desires. Dreamers are the aboulics of the creative imagination.

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    I think dress has more to do with Enneagram than MBTI. for instance, 6s are motivated to fit in and will want to dress in a way that there friends do, 8s will want to dress in a way that is dominant and bold, 3s will want to dress to impress people and seem high status
    anyway, as an INFP 4w3, I'm actually kind of rebelling by dressing nice. the city I live in is full of SJ 6s trying to look like NF 4s and 9s and they have NO idea what they're doing (I don't know when dressing like a hippie became associated with being an NF, but the person who started that stereotype needs to be shot lol). 4w3s want to look glamorous and sexy and wear stuff that is "them". for instance, I love anime, samurai and just about everything pertaining to japanese culture and would have no problem walking around with a kimono around with a samurai sword tucked in my belt. while I admit I enjoy the added attention and "whoa! who is that?!" factor, who I'm around has little to no impact on how I dress (I frequently dress up around the house when I'm alone just for the sake of feeling sexy). another thing I like doing is dressing in a more flashy, eccentric version of what is considered professional or formal (for instance, wearing a bold red dress shirt with a white tie, silk pants and a really nice pair of shoes)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thessaly View Post
    Cool find
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    I've always sort of shopped at skateshops or something like that. It's just a typical grungy urban style.. I haven't really evolved since 1988. Whenever someone shops for me or suggests something, they tell me how much better I look in "bright" colors. And usually button down/dress shirts. I don't mind that either. They're probably right. When I was younger, I really overdid black though. Like enough to get called "blacky". Black jeans, black shirt in the summer even. It wasn't some kind of nihilist thing though. I was just too lazy to think about more colors than that, I think.

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    Two of the INFJs I'm friends with pretty much wear anything that people give them But they both, also, like the occasional shock factor. Both have intentionally worn (for lack of a better word) controversial clothing in public and not been self conscious at all; in fact, they were proud of their individuality. The other INFJ I know would rather die than do anything like that, though; she has a strict set of fashion rules that she does her best to live by, making her very very sad every time she shops unsuccessfully. "Is it really THAT hard to find ONE nice cardigan in this town?!?"

    The ENFJs I know (both male and female) love to shop but somehow manage to only shop with particular items in mind whenever they go out! (This could be because of college-related thriftiness, and not type, though.) But I think both of them, given enough money, could look like movie stars pretty much every day - and they'd walk the walk, too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Thessaly View Post
    Love this.

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    i love clothes. i wear whatever makes sense and pair it with unsensible shoes.
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