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You'd be surprised, actually.

I had my facebook friends take the MBTI, sending it to the better ones who I knew were highly likely to do it for me, and 10 out of 14 of them are NF, 6 of those being INFP.

And in my creative writing classes, a lot of the people who know their MBTI or whose MBTI we can guess, particularly the ones I get along with, are xNFP.

The problem is that, like forest nymphs, we congregate in plain sight, underneath your noses. Although we also live in plain sight, underneath your noses, so it's not all that impressive that we'd be under your noses at all, but if you're looking specifically for a congregation of us, it's highly unlikely you'll actually find us, and if you do we'd be well-hidden enough to make a cunning escape!
Maybe she meant that if infp's would be the ones appointed to be the spearhead to congregate new innovative wisdom about the world, we'ld end up getting only new information about the infps themselves and on all 500 TV channels there would be one topic only left