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    Default Fo and Fum: What do you think of them?

    We have talked at length about Fe and Fi, so I felt it is now time to cover Fo and Fum. What do you think of them? How do they influence you and your relationships?
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    i think fuck off is bad for your relationship, but funds under management is usually a good think for relationship and for personal needs
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    Fum has greatly impacted my relationships with pirates, because when I talk about it, they tend to mis-hear it as "rum." Just last week, I had about 15 pirates with bad hearing milling about my house and eating up all my junk food. They wanted to pillage the neighbors' houses, but I distracted them with re-runs of Law and Order. Suckers.
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    As a Fo user I feel greatly oppressed by the Fum majority.
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