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    oooohhh...i see.
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    INP's make their own rules.

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    Hm. I posted what I did because, to me.. to put aside Fi is to put aside a good part of my personality as well. It's a major function. To me, the question is simply, do you feel safe to be yourself? And the answer is, I've never felt entirely safe to be entirely myself ever. It's not a very safe world out there, and very few people give you relief from it.

    I suppose I was getting at, if people had a specific definition for Fi in terms of what they feel it is, it helps to know what they truly feel safe about or not. I'm a bit confused on if the OP wants us to feel safe talking about Fi, or talking about ourselves as Fi users. At least with a definition + response, we could see what people were trying to get at, and clearing up miscommunications is always a good thing. I think.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Aleksei View Post
    I feel safe enough to discuss Fi, mostly because i can just steamroll over anyone trying to shut me down on it. I can understand it if other Fi users don't feel so bold though...

    I tend not to discuss Fi from an Fi perspective though, as the inherently artificial nature of type means I could end up being off the mark. I use Te.
    Well, my reason for not feeling "safe" is along those same lines.

    I'll talk about Fi. But the fact that it's necessary for me to "steamroll", although I typically just give the finger and tell them to fuck off instead of actually pushing back, leads me to say that it's not "safe", since a "safe" place is a place where I wouldn't have to do that sort of thing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Southern Kross View Post
    To answer the OP, yes and no. My thoughts:

    - When I see another threat about INFPs or Fi I wince a little. This is partly out of embarrassment and sympathy for the other types because of just how ubiquitous they are. It is also because I know they all but invite unjustified belligerent attacks on us. Like OA said, it bothers me that Fi users (INFPs in particular) are frequently treated as a joke by so many. No matter how reasonable and thought-provoking these discussions are, they will nonetheless treated as just silly, whining, emotional nonsense; despite the fact that almost all Fi discussions are nothing of the sort. In fact I almost always approach them in a measured, emotionally distanced manner and resent being written off as a hysterical woman for simply wishing to discuss an emotion based subject matter. It is even worse when I seek to defend myself and am accused of being 'too sensitive'. :rolli:
    -Fi doms/aux are introspective by nature. Our personalities, demeanours and motivations deeply intrigue us and the endless threads exploring these are merely an expression of our type. I really don't see that I should be consistantly attacked for my natural inclinations. And to reiterate what someone said earlier, Fi Ne users also like to cover the same ground over and try to squeeze out some new significance from it. Again this is a type based behaviour. I often feel that many NTs in particular are unwilling to attempt to understand us on our own terms. I am so damn tolerant and accommodating to others and their differences; can't people return the favour.
    - On the other hand, Fi doms/aux are inclined to be a little to precious about the function. I am fine with people here saying they find it fascinating and love it to death as long as we acknowledge that everyone feels that way about their dom and aux functions. There can be a degree of misunderstanding here, however, as Fi users often speak from a very subjective experience as a way of stimulating discussion. I think we have to be more careful in framing our responses so as not to appear to be treating our experiences as somehow special or tearing down other functions/types in order to define or bolster our own. We can get a bit carried away when given the chance to speak frankly about these things and perhaps need to be little more mindful of how we express ourselves. Granted we are not the worst offenders in this regard by any means.

    I must say on the whole I feel happy with talking openly about Fi around here due to the shear numbers of us. It would be nice if I didn't have to constantly brace myself for the inevitable attacks but they don't put me off too much.

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    Truth is, no, I don't.
    Currently submerged under an avalanche of books and paper work. I may come back up for air from time to time.
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    What the heck happened while I was gone. I was off the forum for a couple of weeks and now I'm reading about some evil Fi thread that involved legal threats, etc. Holy macaroni! If someone would give a brief and high level summary (without stirring bad feelings / ill will up again) of the antics I missed, then this would be appreciated.

    So as for the original post, I think it's clear that some INFPs and ENFPs feel under threat. So I'm all for creating a safe place for them. Why not?

    I guess I'll have to wait to hear about the aforementioned antics before I can give a more complete response.
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    Here and the part of the thread that went into the graveyard.

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    I'd have to say that no, I don't really feel fully at liberty to discuss Fi from my perspective- but it has mostly been because of the dismissive reaction of a small number of other Fi-doms to my input in previous discussions. I think we Fi users need to be more careful to accept that others' experiences of Fi may differ from our own.
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    I don't know from Fi...

    But if I feel the urge to post something, I post. And if someone doesn't like it, well tough shit.

    Considering some of the wackadoo, out in left field, crap, that has been posted on this forum. NO one has any right to complain unless it's vicious and hurtful. And I mean posted by all types.

    It's the internet. Where all the weirdos come to play in virtual anonymity.

    Try real life. It's much harder to be different, and not get abused.

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