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    Hmm.. I think the only times I reveal secrets is either about a person I really dislike, or if I am drunk and joking with the person that has told me a secret, then accidentally joke about the secret (not remembering it is a secret and/or that there are people overhearing).. It's annoying, and somewhat embarrassing, but usually the people around don't get the full picture, so I can live with that. But since things like this happen, I have a pretty straightforward attitude about telling secrets to anyone. Basically I think that if I tell something to someone, the chances are that it will be public knowledge at some point. So, I never tell anyone "this is a secret" because I don't consider it a secret anymore if I tell even one person.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ntgirl View Post
    Has it ever been done to you that an INFP betrayed your trust by not keeping your secret? Then confessing you everything being overwhelmed with guilt but justifying himself he did it because it was bothering him so much.
    I wonder would INFP ever do that? I question his type now and I'm pretty much shocked because I've never expected that from him.
    Now what? We're friends who've just started to become more, kind of dating. Should this be a dealbreaker?
    When I find out personal things about people, I am considerate about what they reveal.. I mean Sometimes I may bring up what was said with other friends if it's not something too important that would hurt their image/feelings or w/e, something I think they wouldn't mind being shared. But if it's something I know they would take personally if revealed, I would try not to bring it up with anyone even if asked (I'd act like I didn't know). When someone tells me to promise or asks me not to tell anyone before they tell a secret, then I'd Never think of revealing it to anyone... Oh and most importantly, I am protective of the secrets because I care about that person and respect them... so if I don't' feel that way, I May act differently.. but most likely, even if I didn't like that person, I would keep the secrets anyway because I wouldn't want people revealing my secrets either. I respect other people's privacy.

    Although.. I have told some secrets before, but when I do.. it's done anonymously or it's told to other friends who would never meet that person or affect them in any way. So in a way, I view that the same as not revealing their secret

    It depends on what kind of secret it was too... because if it was something serious like murder! or suicide, or breaking the law, etc. then I may tell someone because it's a secret that isn't just affecting one person but others as well and people's safety are at risk.

    Dealbreaker? I guess it depends how serious the secret was.. and the reasons as to why he felt he needed to share it. If he was doing it just for attention using you as something to talk about than... yeah that's not very nice. I personally, wouldn't be able to trust them anymore with secrets. But it's up to you! It would be hard to get close to someone if you didn't trust them though.

    That's the crappy thing about secrets.. it's a double-edged sword! You can risk your secrets to get closer to someone, but it can be used against you and destroy the closeness as well.. so you always have to remember if it's worth sharing. If you reveal a very personal secret, you kind of have to be ready for the possibility that they will tell someone.

    So yess INFPs can do that.. I think all types can.

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    my infp friend has told me things that he was told not to say, one thing was because he thought that i should know, even tho the other person didnt want me to. he has told me many other things that he wasnt supposed to talk about(that didnt involve me) because he wanted to share and knew i wouldnt tell other people and that it wouldnt do any harm to tell me. he has blurted out things after i told him not to talk anything about me to certain people(i said that if they ask something, he should just say that hes not allowed to talk about it anymore), this guy(from the certain people) asked if i got a problem us hanging out together and he said yes(and he didnt even know why he said yes, even tho its not true..), there is no problem, i just dont care to hang out with him unless there is some special group thing that he is also part of, i told him to correct it and he did. i dont know how much other stuff he has blurted out to these certain people.
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